Are you able to make your customers fall in love with you?

Create a holistic view for each customer and ensure a successful customer journey.


Marketing managers are relentlessly pursuing how to engage with each of their customers in order to win them over: to reach them at the right time with the solution to their need or desire.

In a scenario where information is hyper-accessible and customers interact with brands through multiple channels, their user experience is an accumulation of impacts from numerous touchpoints.  Depending on the feeling we awaken at these touchpoints, we will either improve or lose the connection with our brand.

When we know each of these users, we have the opportunity to adapt our way of communicating with them in real time and make it more proactive in order to anticipate their needs. The first steps to respond to this challenge are, first, the generation and updating of sufficiently refined audiences, and then the personalisation of creatives and recommendations in an automated way in real time.

The data-driven discovery process allows us to discover the set of common attributes (interests, life status, status in the decision process, various preferences, and others) that will allow us to activate the most suitable option on the different digital marketing and communication platforms. The centralised catalogue of audiences encourages a change of mindset in the organisation and the relationship between the different departments. This is fundamental to effectively coordinate the communication strategy across all on and off areas.


The first step in generating more accurate behavioural audiences is to have a platform for audience governance and management.

At Luce, we have called this platform for audience governance SAM or Smart Audience Management .

It is an own asset created by the team based on our experience and application in real use cases, and it integrates into any MAdTech ecosystem.


What is Smart Audience Management?

Smart Audience Management, SAM, creates and maintains highly accurate and up-to-date audiences. Exporting them to MAdTech ecosystem triggers improves the impact of campaigns and communications for optimal ROI.

At the same time, it ensures that the target audience will show the desired behaviour in the decision and purchase process. All this, with intelligence and automations that allow frequent updates eliminating manualities and other inefficiencies.

It is a fundamental building block for the implementation of future attribution models.


What is the value added proposition of Smart Audience Management?

Smart Audience Management centralises and coordinates knowledge about the customer journey and represents the basis for personalisation, automated management, optimisation and measurement of marketing campaigns and communications as you can discover here.



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Create more precise audiences, eliminate Manual handling and increase the ROAS of your Digital Marketing campaigns.


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