Thoughts about Google Cloud Summit Madrid

On May 23rd, LuceIT was present at one of the most important Google events in Spain, the Google Cloud Summit. It was an amazing day, full of innovation and opportunities to share with customers and Google Cloud experts. During the event, exciting advances in generative AI were presented, tailored specifically to the Spanish market, as well as options for data residency and security enhancements that are crucial for enterprises and government entities – we even enjoyed live demonstrations!

A recent Implement report commissioned by Google highlights a significant economic opportunity for Spain with the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). According to the report, AI could boost the Spanish economy by as much as €120 billion over the next decade – impressive!

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Key areas for AI development:

Given the enormous transformative potential of AI, there are several key areas we need to work on:

1. Data governance:

Enterprises want to control where their data is stored and how it is protected. Now, Google Cloud customers in Spain can store their generative AI data within the country, in compliance with local regulations.

2. Security accreditation:

Google Cloud has accredited more than 190 services according to the National Security Scheme (ENS) (RD 311/2022), being pioneers in this area.

3. Workforce training:

There is a gap between current digital skills and market demands. Therefore, we introduce AI training programs to close this gap.

4. “Help me write” in Spanish:

This feature in Google Docs and Gmail will help professionals draft messages and write reports more efficiently, facilitating communication in Spanish.

5. Cybersecurity with AI:

We are developing AI applications to automate security and analyze malware, creating a more secure digital environment.

6. Local infrastructure:

We have established a cloud region in Spain, providing the necessary infrastructure for data residency and latency reduction.


Innovations presented at the Google Cloud Summit Madrid 2024

During the event, we reviewed a number of initiatives around generative AI in Spain. We organized success stories of leading companies that have chosen Google Cloud infrastructure and our AI solutions to drive innovation and efficiency. Among the innovations and our commitment to facilitate the growth and digital transformation of customers and partners, highlights include:

  • Advances in integrated circuits, Google Axion: The first ArmⓇ-based custom CPU designed for data centers is now widely available.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro: This breakthrough in long context understanding is in public preview release.
  • New verification capabilities in Vertex AI.
  • Gemini Code Assist for developers.
  • Gemini in threat intelligence: Cybersecurity functionality is extended.
  • Gemini enhancements for Google Workspace.



These innovations cover all Google Cloud aspects, offering Spanish companies, customers and partners a robust and complete platform to create and deploy advanced generative AI applications.

In addition, Google is committed to AI education across all sectors, offering online productivity sessions and advanced courses to learn how to apply AI at work. Google Cloud trains students and professionals in technology areas such as data analytics, cybersecurity and generative AI, among others.

At Google Summit 2024, we explored the huge potential of generative AI to transform the economy and improve our lives. We thank all participants for their enthusiasm and collaboration. For LuceIT, it was an enriching event and we are excited about the future we can build together with the help of AI. We greatly appreciate the invitation from Google and look forward to being at the next big event, where we will continue to explore and expand the possibilities of technology for the benefit of all.



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