How to optimise your SEM investment? Efficient match management

Investing in SEM is the best strategy to be present in search engines, and quickly gain visibility, and therefore conversions in the short term.  It is no wonder that Amazon, always at the top of ecommerce vendors, is the largest advertiser in the world with more than 9,000 M€ of investment in Ads. (1)

However, making those conversions profitable and optimising the total investment in Ads, has become a challenge that all ecommerce and digital marketing managers should be asking themselves today:

“What do we need: more impressions or more conversions (clicks)? And once I get that click, is it valid, is it a lead for my organisation, could I automate all my campaigns, could I even reduce the investment in external advertising agencies, how could I optimise the keywords in my account?”

Depending on the challenge of each client, you can rely on Bid Management and Dynamic Budget Management, which use artificial intelligence to optimise bidding and/or estimate results, as well as Audience and Ad Managementsystems that manage the different ad alternatives and decide the best bidding times and audiences to optimise conversion.

From Luce we offer a solution that acts on a third lever of optimisation: the optimal management of keyword matching.



What results have we obtained?

Luce has implemented this keyword matchingsolutionon clients obtaining these results:.

  • CPC reduction between 13%-18%, maximising clicks received thanks to exactivisation
  • Overall reduction of SEM investment between 15% – 20%, for the same levels of traffic acquisition.


In addition to other qualitative results such as improved traceability, campaign measurement and ad performance, providing greater insight and control of the account and its performance. And other additional ones such as comparative analysis with competitors in terms of CPC and reduction of possible errors and omissions that often lead to auto-inflation.

Smart Concordance Management

To optimize and streamline Ads spend, the Luce team created and successfully deployed Luce’s cognitive automation system, Smart Concordance Management, which optimizes total Search Ads spend by shifting as many clicks as possible to the lower cost concordance, while maintaining impression levels and qualification of the traffic captured. 

The novelty of this successful cognitive automation system is that it allows automation of manual tasks, to focus on strategy and business impact. This increases the agility of actions to improve campaign performance as our system systematically applies existing business and algorithmically inferred know-how to optimisation, reducing auto-inflation between campaigns.

Once the Ads account has been implemented and reviewed, it optimises the distribution of words in the different matches, maximising the number of clicks received through the Keyword with the lowest CPC, making the necessary SEM investment more efficient while maintaining the number of customers attracted to the website and/or the business generated.



Do you want to calculate your SEM savings?

If you are considering whether your Ads spend can be improved, enter the data into the calculator, and we will send you a customised, no-obligation report on how much you can make your budget more efficient by eliminating manualities and reorganising your setup. 


I’m sure you have more questions, if so you can contact usand we will be happy to help you.

(1) Data source from: marketing4ecommerce


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