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From our experience with more than 15 years in software development and architecture, it is clear to us that the biggest challenges faced by technology leaders are that their infrastructure becomes obsolete, that new developments or more workload cannot be carried out because the integrations and interconnection are complex, but without forgetting the issue of unnecessary costs or cost overruns.

These are the most important challenges, however there are many others such as: adaptation to legal regulations, the integration of a new technological culture in the team or organization or those derived from the processes themselves as slow developments or successfully overcome the automation of tasks, etc.. It’s the cross and face of technology, digital transformations always has changes and constant evolution.


Anyway, if you’ve read this far, don’t worry, it’s time to discover a solution that eliminates them. The Luce IT Services Platform is the solution and the path to smooth technology transformation with security, confidence, agility and flexibility.



Challenges solved by the Service Platform.

Imagine a scenario where systems integration is a seamless process and linking with in-house operations or third-party solutions such as CRMs and ERPs is a seamless reality.


Visualize a reality where information flows effortlessly between new developments and external services, regardless of the complexities.
And what about the ability to leverage business data from a variety of sources, without the frustration of endless hand-offs and elaborations?
Well, all these are the benefits of the Services Platform, Luce’s own solution is able to interact and interconnect the current systems of an organization, to make information available between new developments generating efficiencies and synergies between all systems, and it is also able to generate business data from the different sources of information that an organization may have.


SEUR Case Study: Customer Integration Platform

A powerful example of transformation driven by the Service Platform is the case of SEUR.
Thanks to Microsoft technology and hand in hand with Luce IT, SEUR embarked on a digital transformation journey to improve user experience, reduce effort in manual processes and integration errors.
Their story is the confirmation of how the Service Platform can transform processes to offer a better service to customers, being part of a small change for the whole society.


SEUR’s success story demonstrates that technological architectures need not be an insurmountable obstacle. The Luce IT Services Platform offers a concrete solution for organizations looking to modernize their architectural approaches and unlock their potential for innovation and growth.

Don’t let technological obsolescence and integration complexities paralyze you. With the Services Platform, your company can realize its full potential and forge a bright technological future.




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