BISITE and Luce collaborate in an R&D project on Deep Learning

Collaboration between both entities to carry out an R&D project executable on the Cloud Services Platform: “Deep Learning on heterogeneous real-time Smart Data sources for the sustainability of last mile mobility (DEEPSMARTMILE)”


Luce Innovative Technologies and the Grupo de investigación en Bioinformática, Sistemas Informáticos Inteligentes y Tecnología Educativa (BISITE), of the University of Salamanca, agree on a collaboration to carry out an R&D project on “Deep Learning on heterogeneous real-time Smart Data sources for the sustainability of mobility in the last mile (DEEPSMARTMILE)”

“Last mile” solutions aim to improve the management of parcel transport focusing on the last journey to be made in the delivery to the end user. They aim to optimise mobility and sustainability servicesin urban areas, using the latest technologies to make transport greener and more efficient


BISITE and Luce Innovative Technologies will jointly realise the Smart Big Data Analytics for real-time heterogeneous source management, on which to implement a cognitive engine for sustainable mobility management in the last mile and with integration into the LUCE Cloud Services Platform.

The Cloud Services Platform, is a proprietary Asset created and developed by Luce Innovative Technologies that ensures the success of our clclients’ journey to the Cloud. Currently, the range of possibilities for public clouds is immense, which makes it complex to know the optimal solution for each company. In addition to the essential ones such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, there are other players such as SnowFlake.
Luce creates this Cloud Services Platform, so that regardless of the cloud chosen, the success of the project is guaranteed, by dumping all the know-how of our team, together with the lessons learned from real projects carried out in large companies. The Deep Learning project that we are going to execute together with BISITE is one more piece of this service platform that ensures lower costson-premise, observability, speed, scalability, pay-per-use, security and access to new services. 



Together, BISITE and Luce will investigate the algorithms and design the architecture of a Deep Learning model on Smart Data heterogeneous sources in real-time for the sustainability of last mile mobility. Its functionalities will have a positive dynamic impact on logistics systems, so that higher levels of data access and reliability are established to allow different actors to synchronise and extend trusted networks.




The work of the Bioinformatics, Intelligent Computing Systems and Educational Technology Research Group – BISITE – is mainly focused on the development of disruptive technologies to solve all kinds of problems, from the creation of solutions for industrial processes to the application of IoT systems to improve the quality of life of people, through innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, Smart Cities or Cybersecurity.

The hundred or so researchers that make up BISITE are characterised by their transversality: computer scientists, biologists, pharmacists, physicists, economists… all of them collaborate intensively in more than 50 research projects with companies, universities and national and international research centres. The work carried out by this team throughout the 20 years of the group’s trajectory has earned it recognition and prestige both from their academic colleagues and from prestigious institutions and organisations. Not surprisingly, the work of this group is eminently practical and with a clear vocation for knowledge transfer between university and business, although it does not forget the theoretical aspects.

The BISITE Research Group has promoted the development of the IoT Digital Innovation Hub and is also the coordinator of several postgraduate courses and congresses of international projection.


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