How the emailing campaign market is evolving?

Our strategic partner, Acoustic, has produced a report that examines the “process”. These are metrics, which measure message-centric activity, such as openings and clicks.
All data is collected in the 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report, Email and mobile metrics for smarter marketing.

Companies that can harness the power of data are tomorrow’s winners.

This report examines the emails that have been sent in marketing campaigns in the year 2019, on computers and on mobile phones. This report explains the process of how data and metrics are important to generate a good marketing campaign, which will translate into favourable sales results and consequently higher company profitability.
Among other interesting data, the opening rates of emails increased from 14% in 2014 to 19% in 2018.

If we look at the sectors, the automotive industry, occupies the first place in average CTR, followed by the Telecommunications. (All this in the US market).
Web mails such as Gmail or Yahoo increase their use and almost reach the same percentage of use as in mobile (40%-40%), which makes us think that all marketing campaigns sent have to be adapted and reviewed in mobile version

Acoustic’s 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report reflects the increasingly visible reality of campaign data, yielding a wealth of data by distinct sectors and geographies that makes it essential to read.
And …How does Luce fit into all this? We are one of the companies with greater implantations of solutions of Acoustic in the main banks, hotels and companies of retail of the world. With a 360 vision for all our customers. In Luce we managed to increase the CTR by implementing artificial intelligence tools, which reduce the cost of other tools such as SEM or display.