International Women’s Day: Luce IT celebrates 8 March


For more than a century, International Women’s Day has been celebrated every March 8, with the idea of carrying out a day based on recognizing the struggle of women for equal rights.

On this day the importance of the feminist struggle is recognized, the achievements and work of women around the world are made visible and it is reminded that gender equality is a collective goal, not only for women. And from Luce IT we work to achieve this gender equality.

Today as March 8, we will carry out a series of activities to raise awareness even more about gender equality, which we have been working since the launch of our Equality Plan with new actions and commitments, to improve, advance and promote from our position, a more egalitarian society.

It is true that in terms of rights we have managed to advance, but there is still a long way to go to achieve a truly egalitarian society. Women continue to face different forms of discrimination in the educational, labor and social environment.

Nowadays, we observe women with key roles in different fields and sectors, such as engineering, arts, culture, sports, education, science, technology…


Luce IT is a clear example of this, as 66% of management positions are held by women.


In the Luce IT team there is an active commitment to ensure unity and equality within our company, where women are an active part to achieve value and innovation in our customers as well as men.


The strength of Luce IT is in the team, and without them it would not work.


The incorporation of women in leadership roles and promotion within the team to promote gender equality are fundamental for sustainable development and social and business progress.

That is why we consider it essential to remove all barriers and obstacles that may exist, so Luce IT implemented an Equality Plan, registered with the Ministry of Equality under the current law (Organic Law 3/2007 of March 22, to improve, advance and promote from our position, a more egalitarian society.

And today more than ever, on International Women’s Day, we remember the importance of gender equality from which we are committed in our company.

At Luce IT we foster an inclusive and respectful culture that promotes diversity and equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their gender; and we will continue to work together to achieve a more just and equal society.


“At Luce we seek to transform the world throught tecchonolgy and data”

“The strenght of Luce is in the team”