Luce IT participates in Valladolid Forum Avanza


Javier Durán de Jesus, General Manager of Luce Innovative Technologies (Luce IT), participates on Wednesday June 15, 2011 in the forum of Valladolid Avanza, organized by El Norte de Castilla. In this forum, which will deal with new technologies, the new models of e-government and new models of relationships will be discussed.

Valladolid Avanza is a forum in which to discuss projects and strategic initiatives for the city and the province, through the participation of experts from the public and private sectors. The objective of Valladolid Avanza is to contribute to the drawing up of strategic lines to be followed from now until 2016, so that these can serve as a guide for political and institutional representatives.
In this way, Luce Innovative Technologies (Luce IT) participates together with other companies, experts and institutions so that together we can create the Valladolid of the Future.

In 2010, Javier Durán de Jesus participated in this same Forum, being on that occasion the Communications and Transport Infrastructures the central axis of the debate.