Solutions managed in times of COVID-19

Managed services

In these complex times where organizations are being asked for more agility and flexibility, as well as cost adjustment,cloud-managed solutions are a great measure to help meet that goal. These solutions provide easily managed and scalable services, streamlining time to market and allowing the cost of the service to be tailored to its use.
The adoption of managed services by companies is increasing. The managed services market in 2019 was valued at $74.47 trillion, with a projection of $169.71 trillion in 2025, as indicated in the Researchs and Markets “Europe Managed Services Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 – 2025)” market research report.
Our experience in the deployment of solutions has shown us that the success of a solution lies in its flexibility, both in the possibilities of increasing capacity when demand requires it, and in being able to reduce costs when activity is reduced. It is essential to have adaptive and managed solutions in order to adjust costs to demand and remain competitive. These needs arise at times like the present due to the COVID-19, where many companies have reduced their activity, stages of the year with low demand or simply times of the day when commercial activity is reduced.
Another of the strengths of this type of solution, is in the capacity provided to organizations to adopt, in an agile and more economical manner, more cutting-edge or innovative technological solutions that are better adapted to their needs. Many are the organizations with which we have worked in which certain technological solutions are not used, even knowing that they provide greater performance, due to the fact that they do not have a deployment and above all maintenance team with expertise in technology. Managed services reduce this entry barrier to the use of new technologies that allow the development of more efficient solutions.

Managed Database Services

Among the different services, one of the most accepted has been and continues to be in the market, are the managed database services. These services allow the deployment of different database engines without having to provide infrastructure and eliminating routine maintenance tasks such as backup management, access management or application of security patches.


Managed services allow democratizing the use of different database systems, as they do not require an expert IT team for their deployment or maintenance. At the same time, they allow for a reduction in cost with respect to traditional database systems, as shown in the study “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance”, where the benefits both in business and in cost savings are described, in the use of Azure’s managed service of SQL Server DB instances.

Luce has a team with extensive experience in the use, deployment and migration of managed services database, these services have been key in their customers to be able to face with guarantees campaigns such as black friday, summer or Christmas campaigns and has allowed them to reduce their costs in the current times we live where they have reduced some of their income.


Our Expertise

Some of the benefits of the companies Luce works with regarding managed database services are the following:

Cost savings in the development and pre-production environments, the team of luce implemented a solution of ingest and analysis of data with managed systems of BD Not SQL. This solution was orchestrated to automatically stop and start the databases thanks to the capabilities provided by the managed service. This capability allows limiting the cost of the service to the working hours of the development and quality teams. As a result, the monthly cost of these environments was reduced by 66%.
Improving the capacity to adapt to the needs, Luce carried out a migration of a postgres DB to the managed postgres DB system of Azure. In the first two weeks of COVID the use of the DB was reduced to approximately 50%, the DB was reduced to 50% capacity to adapt the cost of the solution to the demand. In the third week, the company’s operations recovered to 200% with respect to the PRE-COVID weeks, and once again the use of managed BD allowed for an increase in processing capacity to adapt to the increase in load in an agile and flexible manner.
Flexibility in the provisioning of resources for campaigns, Luce deployed in a client of the travel sector the necessary architecture to execute a marketing campaign based on automatic learning. For the architecture we used both a managed service of SQL DB and a non- SQL DB. With the arrival of the COVID-19 it was decided to postpone the campaign and reduce the capacity of the DBs that had been provided. Result: the cost saving was 80% per day, compared to maintaining the resources provided.
You can download Forrester’s report on the economic impact of Microsoft Azure Databases referred to in this post at “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, A Forrester Study Commissioned By Microsoft October 2018” 

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