Challenges for CIOs in Data Management

Data management is a very important component for the success of organizations. Without information, there is no data, and without data, it is not possible to make safe decisions that improve the business and customer relations. However, its implementation is not an easy task

CIOs and technology managers face several hurdles as they adapt to the new world of data management.

These are some of the challenges that technology managers need to consider: 

  • Cultural change, the implementation of a BI strategy requires a cultural change within the organization and it is necessary to promote a culture of evidence-based decision making. This often requires changes in technology or new methodologies in company departments.

  • Establish clear business objectives aligned with the company’s strategies. Understanding what specific problems the data analysis is intended to solve and how it will contribute to the organization’s overall objectives is critical..


  • Internal sales can also be a challenge in a BI strategy. It is important to have the support of the different departments and employees of the organization, the CIO of Chafiras indicated in our webinar “one of the biggest challenges was to organize the data, because you had the same sales indicator but each department gave different results, they were data with different measurements””.


  • Procedures is another challenge is to manage, protect and use data in an organization, the collection, cleansing and unification of internal data can be a complex process and requires special attention to ensure data quality and consistency.


  • Both data governance and data quality require the active participation of the different departments and employees of the organization. It is necessary to establish clear roles and responsibilities, promote awareness of the importance of data and foster a culture of quality improvement in data management. 


  • The implementation of appropriate technologies is a challenge, it can facilitate the monitoring of data governance and data quality processes but its incorporation is often not easy. The implementation of technologies such as machine learning is becoming a priority for companies, as it allows them to explore new opportunities and approache.


Through the proper management of data, valuable insights can be obtained that improve the relationship with customers. That is why, from Luce seeing the needs of customers, we have developed the data platform, an Asset that provides a common, structured and governed data environment that integrates and applies best practices in the storage, integration and sharing of data throughout the organization..


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