Luce is the company selected by our clients to accompany them in their digital transformation in the areas of technology, data and automation.

Case Studies

Business Intelligence

Voldis transforms its data culture towards a Data Driven organisation thanks to Microsoft's Power BI tool and the implementation of Luce IT. They are now able to reduce the time to report with an architecture capable of supporting the increased demand for data.

Automation Anywhere

ITACYL, the Castilla and Leon Institute of Agricultural Technology, starts the intelligent automation through bots implemented by Luce Innovative Technologies, thus optimising the internal management of its processes and reducing hours spent on manual tasks.

CloudData Lake
Service Platform

SEUR DPDgroup, manages to improve the user experience of its customers, achieving scalability and stability while reducing up to 50% the effort in manual processes, thanks to the Luce Services Platform implemented in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, part of Pinero Group, optimises theirdigital marketing campaigns achieving savings of between 3% and 20%, in annual spend, deploying Artificial Intelligence models on Microsoft Azure WebApp.

Business InteligenceAnalytics

Find out how PuroEGO, a leading company in the men's textile sector, managed to better control the turnover of its goods in real time in order to make more agile and effective data-driven decisions. The implementation of DOMO increased its annual margin by 10%.

RIU Hotels & Resorts

RIU Hotels & Resorts an international hotel chain has developed new strategies on its website to study user behaviour and improve conversions with the aim of offering an optimal user experience thanks to the use of Acoustic Experience Analytics.


PuroEGO migrates its traditional infrastructure to Luce’s private Cloud obtaining a savings of 40% in a migration process that was completely adapted to PuroEGO’s business being totally clear and without any impact on the client.

Client Testimonials

La nueva aplicación Android desarrollada por Luce para que el repartidor pueda de forma ágil e intuitiva realizar su ruta de recogidas y entregas, ha supuesto una gran mejora en la experiencia de usuario y en la eficiencia y la optimización de tiempos. Por otra parte, el despliegue en una infraestructura escalable en Azure, gestionada por el equipo de Luce proporciona escalabilidad al sistema en función de las variaciones de carga de trabajo.

Catalina Martin - Operation Transformation Manager at SEUR

Gracias al Big Data y a los modelos de IA creados por Luce, hemos sido capaces de identificar los clientes con alta probabilidad de conversión y optimizar las campañas de SEM reduciendo los costes un 55%. Esta información nos permite crear audiencias de usuarios similares, incrementando nuestra calidad del tráfico que se traduce en mejoras en el ROAS.

Gabriel Bergas - Grupo Piñero

En PuroEGO necesitábamos una herramienta ágil para consultar información sobre las ventas y el stock. Luce consiguió mostrarnos el camino más eficaz con la integración de DOMO dashboard Software. Gracias a esta integración con DOMO, recibimos el premio de innovación en el punto de venta en Retail Forum 2019.

Pilar Martín - Digital Manager at PuroEGO

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

January 11, 2022

Luce, excellent at Customer Experience

The whole Luce team is proud that our customers take the time to respond to the surveys, and throughout 2022 we will be working to transform all suggestions into improvement actions to continue on the path of delivering continuous value to your organisation.

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January 27, 2021

Luce, excellent at Customer Experience

According to the latest Luce customer satisfaction survey conducted in December 2020, the average and median score is 9. Luce is proud to share these results, which help us to maintain our level of quality and service, as well as to improve and optimise our processes as much as possible.

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Agile Metodology

Luce’s structure, based on the Lean Startup Model, is a success as an agile model that accelerates projects in large global companies. Agile methodology immersed in all projects, including those of Customer Experience and Consulting. In addition, Luce is based on three fundamental pillars to improve the customer experience.

Entre otros partners tecnológicos, Luce es partner estratégico de Google y Microsoft. Lo que permite disponer de contacto directo con sus técnicos y acceso a sus productos Beta.
Innovación centrada en Inversión de formación internacional basada en casos de Big Data/Algoritmos aplicados al Customer Experience.
Expert investors
Miembro del panel de inversores experto en foros de inversión como el Instituto Empresa, loogic, starteXplore, Keiretsu, entre otros.

Luce Innovative Technologies drives the digital transformation of your business

Luce is the company selected by our clients to accompany them in their digital transformation in the areas of technology, data and automation, without losing the essence of an innovative, specialized and committed team.

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