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We bring together all our knowledge and methodology in technological solutions that ensure the generation of value for our clients.




Assets, Luce Innovative Technologies


Software, architecture, cloud migration and data governance solutions that will drive the digital transformation of your organisation.

Digital Marketing

Analytics, testing, CRO, UX and personalisation solutions built on the ecosystem itself and adapted to each element of the customer journey.


IT Assets

Service Platform

Help to realise the digital transformation of systems and applications in a simple, scalable and flexible way.

Data Platform

Keep information centralised in a data lake to govern and manage the data stored by the organisations.  

Maintenance Services

Valuable solutions that provide scalability, flexibility and monitoring, among others, to improve the infrastructure of organisations.


Web and mobile application for managing on-site inspections. It makes surveys, collects data and collects information on the actions carried out.


Digital Marketing Assets

Smart Concordance Management

Optimise keyword distribution and maximise clicks with the lowest CPC in yourSearch Ads accounts.

Smart Audience Management

Create precise audiences and remove manualities to increase the ROAS in your campaigns for your Search Ads accounts.

Track 2 Call

Tracking and analytics between your call centre and your digital marketing campaigns. Increase lead conversion, improving the ROPO user experience.


Personalisation of the customer experience by targeting based on business objective, customer context and portfolio of products, offers or services.

CRO & Struggle detection

Improve the user experience by analysing behaviour and detecting errors, and optimise the conversion rate. 

Attibution models

Find out which channels, messages and promotions have the greatest impact on your customers’ buying decisions. 

Next Best eXperience

Recommendation models that guarantee the best customer experience based on different variables: product, promotion, lead scoring, churn, etc.

Sales/Lead Scoring

Automatic decision system based on AI models that determines in real time the best customer experience.

Success story

Customer integration platform

Luce Innovative Technologies implemented a Service Platform in SEUR reducing efforts in manual processes, correcting errors and improving integration times with new clients.

Among the key benefits:

  • Real-time information and value generation 24×7
  • Reduction of up to 50% of manual tasks
  • 90% decrease in errors
  • Improving Customer Experience


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