Invest in customer experience to reduce cart abandonment rates

The website, advertising, the App and social networks are channels for communication with your customer to begin, that is, they are the way to get potential customers to knock on your door. But to get them to make a purchase they need to first enter through the right door, and not get lost along the way, (potentially or forever). That’s why your shopping system should always offer a seamless Customer Journey.

When thinking about designing the user experience, the path has to be as convenient and timely as possible so that it facilitates conversion. Generally, high bounce rates are due to clicks leading to the wrong, poorly designed or currently unavailable pages.

This graph shows abandonment rates by industry:



With this in view, investing in the customer experience is the best way to gain consumer trust. In fact, it is proven that consumer trust is a key factor that influences brands to make a purchase. Investing in digital experiences for your customers will create brand differentiation that keeps customers coming back for more.

One of the main difficulties is identifying the potential touchpoints and/or platforms from which customer frustration begins to emerge. The challenge is to figure out what has gone wrong in order to fix the problem.

What is needed is a way to see the exact points at which each consumer left in full context. What were they looking at before they made the decision to buy? What is actually happening behind the scenes in your IT environment that is causing errors? What was the consumer looking at and doing when they left? 


By looking at the customer journey you can spot trends and see where bounce rates are highest. To solve this challenge, there are customer experience solutions, such as Tealeaf by Acoustic, which offer deep insight into how users interact with your website and generate leads: 

  • Stop wasting your paid marketing budget – find out where customers respond and where they don’t. For example, if your PPC campaign leads to a page with blackout dates, you could be wasting a significant amount of your ad spend.
  • Reduce bounce rates to help improve your SEO rank and NPS (Net Promoter Score).
  • Save sales and improve UX with quick identification of pain points. Discover the exact issues by viewing full replays of any customer session, allowing you to act in real time.
  • Proactively optimize digital experiences in real time before they impact business by monitoring your IT environment
  • Improve engagements by generating reports that detail buyer behavior.


Credibility, usability, appearance and intuitiveness are critical in digital channels. Even seemingly small changes can multiply and have big results: the entire management team is responsible for their execution and evolution. 


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