LIA: improve your App rating (marketplace and Google Business)

The reviews of the people who interact with your brand in any digital channel are essential to extract data and improve the quality and attention of your service and customer experience.

Specifically, the reviews left by your users, either in marketplaces such as Google Play or App store or general reviews in Google business are a powerful source of information. But, how do you manage all this data and use it to achieve tangible goals?


LIA, Luce’s generative AI-enabled assistant, is the right solution to answer this question. LIA is able to boost the rating of your app or business in Google Business by intelligently processing comments and with already visible results.

A high rating not only increases downloads, but also influences user retention and app reputation. That is why understanding how to improve and maintain a high rating becomes a priority for any organization right now, even if you don’t have an app, you surely have your business published on google, and one of the first searches that google shows when someone searches for your business are reviews.




LIA offers a comprehensive solution for managing and analyzing user feedback across multiple channels, including app marketplaces and Google Business. It’s ability to process large volumes of feedback quickly and efficiently is critical to understanding user feedback and taking corrective action when necessary.
By analyzing feedback comprehensively, LIA can identify trends, patterns and areas for improvement, enabling developers to address issues and make significant improvements to the app.


From a business standpoint, all of the data collected is a powerful method for making data-driven, informed decisions. In other words, the LIA use case in which it is able to review and process feedback on any digital channel is a powerful tool for any worker in the organization, on which they can consult all that data to make improvements to their App, website or business in general.



One of the biggest advantages of using LIA to manage user feedback is its ability to understand natural language and extract relevant information in an automated way. This means that LIA can quickly identify both negative and positive comments, as well as specific areas of the app that require attention.

But not only that, LIA allows you to see in action how it processes app feedback through a direct conversation. In a video demonstration, you can witness how LIA displays user feedback and provides valuable information about the perception of the app. This unique functionality gives you a detailed, real-time view of user feedback, allowing you to make informed and strategic decisions to improve the user experience and boost your app’s rating.




LIA is a powerful and efficient solution to improve your app’s rating by intelligently processing user feedback. Its ability to understand natural language, analyze large volumes of data and generate automatic responses makes it an indispensable tool for developers and app owners looking to maximize their app’s success in a highly competitive market.
With LIA by your side, you can be confident that you are taking proactive steps to improve the user experience and ensure the long-term success of your app.




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