LIA: Improving the Customer Experience

LIA, (Luce Intelligent Assistant) is already a pioneer in improving the user experience by generating fast and efficient responses and simplifying tasks to improve the way companies and users communicate.

One of the outstanding features of LIA is its ability to improve the user experience on your website or app. Do you encounter a problem and need a quick solution? LIA is just a message away. This state-of-the-art virtual assistant uses advanced artificial intelligence to understand and solve needs. It provides intelligent and solution-oriented answers, all in real time.


Imagine the typical situation: a customer encounters a problem with a product or service and seeks assistance. Instead of dealing with complicated menus or long waiting times, the user can turn to LIA. Through a simple web-based message, LIA not only understands the nature of the problem, but also provides immediate and effective solutions by connecting the user with the person in charge in the organisation who is alerted via Whatsapp. This instant problem-solving capability translates into a frustration-free and time-saving customer experience.


LIA goes beyond simply being a problem solver. It acts as a direct link between the user and the company or organisation. Customers can ask specific questions about products, services or any other relevant aspect, and receive detailed and personalised answers. The direct connection and individualised attention strengthens the bond between the customer and the brand, building trust and long-term loyalty.


From a business perspective, having full conversations via WhatsApp with all LIA features offers an incalculable advantage. Each interaction becomes a powerful source of data on customer preferences, needs and opinions. This conversation history can be used to perform detailed analysis, identify patterns and trends, and ultimately continuously improve products and services, with the sole aim of enhancing the user experience. Instant and direct customer feedback becomes the cornerstone of innovation and digital evolution.


LIA not only responds to questions and problems; it is also able to anticipate customer needs. Based on conversation history and past behaviour, LIA can offer personalised recommendations, suggestions for additional products or services, creating a highly personalised user experience tailored to individual preferences.



In short, LIA is a next-generation technological innovation that among other use cases, enhances the customer experience. From instant problem resolution to direct, personalised connection, LIA redefines the way users interact with organisations. Its ability to have conversations via web chat, App, WhatsApp or other third-party tools is key for organisations looking to meet and exceed the expectations of their users to turn them into loyal customers of their brand.

With LIA, continuous improvement and innovation become central elements in creating exceptional experiences that last in the customer’s mind.


Welcome to the AI era!



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