LIA triumphs in the Google Cloud Gen AI competition!


We are pleased to share the exciting news that our generative AI solution, LIA, has been recognised as one of the winners in the “Superior GenAI Business Value and ROI” category at Google Cloud’s international Gen AI competition, held in late 2023.


This achievement is not only a testament to LIA’s excellence, but also a validation of our dedication to the forefront of artificial intelligence technologies.

The backing of Google Cloud, a leader in AI and Generative AI, underscores LIA’s ability to address organisational challenges and contribute to societal progress.



We invite everyone to dive into the world of LIA through the demo video presented by our team. This video highlights not only LIA’s current capabilities, but also its constant evolution and growth, surprising us every day with its amazing capabilities.

LIA is much more than a static solution; it is a tool in constant development, adapting to changing market needs and exceeding expectations.


Powering Innovation with Google Cloud

In addition, we would like to thank Google Cloud for recognising our demonstration in the Q4 GenAI competition. The distinction in the “Superior Business Value and ROI” category highlights our ability to apply GenAI technologies in an exceptional way, addressing innovative use cases and tackling customer challenges with impactful solutions.


This partnership with Google Cloud marks the beginning of an even closer collaboration. We are excited about the prospect of working together on future projects and making a significant contribution to our customers’ success.



Wondering what LIA can do for your business? Contact us and we will tell you in detail the evolution of this innovative AI solution.

LIA is more than a solution; it is an open door to innovation and technological progress.


Welcome to the AI era!



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