Valladolid City Council presents ‘ANA’, the intelligent virtual assistant created by Luce IT

ANA is the first generative AI virtual assistant implemented in a City Council.  

Today is a great day for the whole Luce IT team because today ANA, the new virtual assistant for all citizens created with Generative Artificial Intelligence for all the citizens of Valladolid by the City Council, has been born.

Valladolid, we are digital’, is the slogan of the campaign which summarises the formula chosen by the City Council to face all the challenges posed by digitalisation and administrative modernisation.


The Mayor, Jesús Julio Carnero, presented it today in the Reception Hall of the City Hall together with the new digital image of the Valladolid City Council website.

ANA’, an intelligent ‘chatbot’ designed, as its name suggests, to assist citizens with a wide range of questions related to the different municipal areas and competencies: grants and subsidies, employment, activities, facilities, procedures, etc…


 ‘ANA’ “is much more than a simple assistant, it is a step forward in the City Council’s mission to provide efficient and accessible services to all citizens”. “This new tool responds to a firm commitment to innovation and modernisation, with the aim of offering information on almost all municipal areas, based on the consultation of different sources of information, including the 010 service database and different municipal websites, such as the electronic headquarters and the notice board”. “. – Jesús Julio Carnero


According to the Councillor for Administrative Modernisation, Silvia Tomillo, ANA was created by and for the citizens and it will be the citizens who will teach it with their questions and comments, aware of the challenge it represents.

“Although the City Council has worked intensively on their training, the real interaction with the citizen will contribute decisively to their learning and maturity.”. –  Silvia Tomillo


He also announced the City Council’s firm intention to evolve this assistant, “in order to cover a wider range of information and facilitate the completion of electronic procedures in the future”.

The launch of ANA and the design of the new website is part of a Digital Transformation Plan for Valladolid City Council led by the Councillor for Administrative Modernisation, recently presented, which includes a series of key projects in the field of new information and communication technologies aimed at citizens and providing them with the best possible information and service, and which is already progressing with specific actions.



ANA’ is a pioneer in its field, as it is one of the first chatbots at national level based 100% on generative artificial intelligence, a technology that took off just a year ago and is set to revolutionise the way of communicating and carrying out activities of a very different nature. It is based on Google Cloud technology, whose representatives were present at the event.

And at last it can be revealed why the name of Ana has been chosen as the name for the assistant, as the councillor herself explained that the choice of ‘ANA’ as the name for the assistant is in honour of the municipal employee who has maintained the underlying database of citizen attention for decades.

 “This reminds us that behind Artificial Intelligence there are people, who are essential to guarantee the coherence and reliability of the information sources used by the robots, in a continuous circle of collaboration and mutual enrichment. Thus, we want to apply emerging technologies in a decisive way, but with common sense, aware that this is the only way to place Valladolid at the forefront of municipal administration.” –  Silvia Tomillo


Finally, the mayor had words of thanks for the technicians of the City Council and for us, which makes us even prouder as a company from Valladolid.

“We are proud to count on local talent for the development of this project, because we must not forget that people are always at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Among them are a group of extraordinary, irreplaceable municipal employees.”. – Jesús Julio Carnero



ANA represents a very important step forward in the digitisation of public administration in Valladolid. Thanks to the efforts of Luce IT and the commitment of the City Council, citizens now have an innovative tool that improves the accessibility and efficiency of municipal services. This project, which combines generative AI with the dedication of local talent, marks the beginning of a new era in citizen services.


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