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Business Intelligence or Data BI is a fundamental technology to understand the performance of your business based on real data.

By using this methodology, you can spot opportunities and make data-driven business decisions.


Through its use, meaningful trends can be identified in the data collected, providing a deeper understanding of patterns and changes in the marketplace. This helps companies to be alert and adapt quickly to new customer demands and expectations, as well as to take advantage of emerging opportunities.


In addition, business intelligence can detect hidden opportunities within data, revealing valuable insights into aspects such as customer behaviour, buying preferences and areas for improvement in business processes. These opportunities can translate into significant competitive advantages and more effective strategies for business growth and success.


Data-driven business decision making is one of the key benefits of Business Intelligence. With accurate, up-to-date information, business leaders can base decisions on hard facts rather than assumptions or intuition. This reduces the risk of making poor decisions and helps maximise positive business outcomes.


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