How to incorporate data governance in AI projects?

Having a security solution that includes good data governance unifies data governance and protection capabilities, simplifies actions across profiles and terminologies for the business by improving AI-driven efficiency, and enables good data management across multiple clouds. Therefore, behind every successful AI system, there is a solid infrastructure of good data governance.

Data governance is a set of practices, policies and procedures designed to ensure the proper management of data in an organization. Its effective implementation not only ensures the quality and integrity of data, but also ensures that it is used ethically and in compliance with regulations.

In the context of AI projects, data quality and availability are critical. AI algorithms rely heavily on the data that feeds them, so it is essential to ensure that this data is accurate, reliable and representative of reality. In addition, transparency in the AI decision-making process is increasingly important to build trust in its use.

It is in this context that the question arises: How can we effectively incorporate data governance in AI projects to optimize their performance and ensure their long-term success?

At Luce we have it clear, with our 5 Cs Framework.



  • Data and information protection
  • Generation of new attacks
  • Fake News
  • Identity theft



  • Data quality with which we train/provide the IAG
  • Quality of service



  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Use



  • Technology
  • Human Resources



  • Intellectual Property
  • Market acceptance
  • Carbon footprint
  • Malicious use


At Luce, we follow a comprehensive 5 Cs approach to ensure the success of our AI projects with proper data governance: Control and Security, Quality, Costs, Capacity, and Awareness and Ethics.

We are committed to protecting data and information, ensuring quality of service, efficiently managing costs, maintaining technological and human capacity, and promoting awareness and ethics in all our actions.

Data governance plays a critical role in the success of AI projects. By ensuring the quality, integrity and transparency of the data used in these projects, organizations can optimize AI performance and build trust both internally and externally. By following practical and proactive steps to incorporate data governance, organizations can take full advantage of AI’s potential and meet challenges with confidence.

If you still don’t know how to implement good data governance in your organization contact our team and we will glad to help you.





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