5 Steps to Personalise with Marketing Automation

Imagine being able to transform every customer interaction into a unique and meaningful experience that minimises the impact and maximises the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns.

If you are a digital marketing or ecommerce manager, and you are looking for an innovative approach that will catapult your marketing strategies and user experience to the next level, you are in the right place.


Personalisation, as a significant piece of the CRO methodology, not only allows you to deeply understand your audience, but also gives you the ability to deliver content, messages and offers that each customer feels unique.

We explain 5 steps to increase your conversions, build customer loyalty and improve the user experience on your digital channels. Get ready to discover how personalisation and CRO methodology can open the door to a new world of success in your digital marketing campaigns.


Let’s explore how these five steps intertwine to take your automated marketing strategies to the next level and improve the customer experience.


Step 1: Collect Relevant Data with Advanced Technology

The foundation of any effective personalisation strategy, (personalisation being part of the CRO methodology), is the collection of relevant data.

This is where advanced technology comes into play, with data analysis tools and user behaviour tracking providing detailed information about your customers in order to improve their user experience.

Some of the data that is typically analysed includes demographics, preferences, browsing behaviour, devices, time of purchase, etc. Advanced technology not only collects data, but also organises it and makes it accessible for analysis and decision making.


Step 2: Sharpen audience segmentation

With data in mind, it’s time to refine your audience segmentation. This is not just about dividing your customers into groups, but about doing it strategically.

A/B testing and usability studies are used to identify behavioural patterns and preferences that will help you better understand your customers’ needs. An effectively segmented audience is essential for successful personalisation; you will know what you are offering to each user at any given moment, and your digital marketing campaign efforts and impacts will achieve a higher return on investment.



Step 3: Create Customised Content for Each Segment

With a segmented audience and detailed data in hand, it’s time to create personalised content.

Personalised content is designed specifically for each audience segment. From emails to product recommendations on a website, personalisation is the key to capturing the attention of customers and increasing the relevance of messages. But beware, right now personalisation is not enough, you have to connect emotionally with your users in order for a conversion to take place. That is the real challenge.



Step 4: Use Automation for Dynamic Personalisation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows personalised content to be delivered dynamically. This means that messages are delivered at the right time and adapted according to user behaviour in real time.

Real-time personalisation is an essential component of improving the customer experience and increasing conversion rates.


Step 5: Analyse and Adjust with Continuous Testing

Conversion rate optimisation and personalisation are ongoing processes. To maintain the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies, it is essential to constantly analyse and adjust your approaches based on the results.

Use multivariate testing, controlled experiments and in-depth data analysis to ensure that your efforts remain relevant and effective.




Personalisation and conversion rate optimisation are critical components to the success of your digital marketing campaigns. They are changing the way brands connect with their audiences and, at the same time, improving their bottom line.

This combination, which may seem like magic but isn’t, not only increases the relevance of messages and the effectiveness of each impact, but also drives customer loyalty and ultimately increases conversions and revenue.

So, if you’re looking to unlock the real magic and boost your digital marketing campaigns, make sure you harness the power of data and automation in your marketing strategies using personalisation within a complete CRO methodology, and get ready to wow your customers and turn your business into a magical brand experience!



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