What challenges do brands face at each level of customer interaction?

Digital Marketing Funnel Optimization

Taking care of customer interactions with the brand throughout the customer journey is key to ensure conversion.

There are more and more channels, platforms, messages and creative on which to establish control and monitoring. Analyzing the different customer touchpoints, eliminating friction and being as agile as possible is the best way to deepen the relationship between customer and company. For this reason, it is essential to have End2End solutions, such as those offered by Luce IT, that cover the entire funnel and improve the customer experience.

Customer Experience is the engine of change, but Personalization is the fuel for this transformation, which has become a challenge for all large companies.

From customer experience to hyper-personalization

Improving the customer experience through personalization has become the obsession of all large companies. More and more organizations want to automate interactions with their customers (current and potential), throughout the entire conversion funnel, to be able to decide autonomously the best time, channel and message to use with each of them, and thus maximize the business.

But in order to optimise the digital marketing funnel, it is necessary to understand the challenges your organisation faces at each stage: 



    • Difficulty in creating and measuring audiences
    • Long tail searches
    • Non-personalised or manual Ads
    • Manual and non-scalable bid management
    • Budget optimisation


    • Creative Automation
    • Scoring Models, Recommendation, Next Best eXperience
    • Personalised Landings
    • Intelligent Personalisation Engine and Real Time: Dynamic Yield


    • CRO Service
    • Session Analysis (Acoustic)
    • SmartChat (inc. WhatsApp)
    • Track2Call
    • 360° cart recovery

Advanced Analytics and Metrics

    • Insufficient single vision of the end2end CPA
    • Lack of consistency across the customer journey
    • Lack of awareness of what each medium delivers

What is needed to solve these challenges?

It is essential to start thinking that it is necessary to have a complete vision of the funnel that covers all stages of the customer journey with End2End solutions.

To address these challenges in a real way and with tangible results for the business, it is essential to have a complete integration on a platform that brings coherence to the entire journey, and not just to isolated actions.

Solutions that work to improve the shortcomings of automation and elimination of manual tasks, personalisation, lack of information and budget optimisation need to be integrated into the ecosystem to deliver a benefit that impacts the entire journey.


At Luce IT we have already helped solve these challenges within the digital marketing funnel of large companies.

  • Thanks to our expertise and great capacity for innovation, we improve the customer experience by anticipating their needs.
  • We have the ability to add intelligence generated from data in an automated way: Microsoft and Grupo Piñero success story.
  • We are not just another solution provider. We become partners of our clients and form an active part of their team and this is how our clients rate us.



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