Voldis switches its data culture to a Data-Driven company

Voldis, the distributor of Mahou San Miguel, has undergone a transformation around its data culture that can be considered a benchmark in the sector. In fact, the implementation of its data driven strategy has led Microsoft to consider it a success story.

This evolution has been thanks to the strategic collaboration between Voldis, Luce IT and Microsoft, driving the organisation towards a new dimension of operational efficiency, increasing the level of maturity of the organisation around data and its management, to ensure success in data-driven decision making.


Voldis, with more than 600 employees and presence in 15 warehouses throughout Spain, and due to its high volume of business, faced the challenge of having a suitable data governance system to manage, exploit and make information available in an effective way, while at the same time communicating all this information between the different areas of the organisation.


Luce IT’s intervention marked a turning point in Voldis’ journey towards digital transformation by providing a new vision of data governance and creating a data-driven environment for cultural and digital transformation.


The project started with the design and implementation of data-driven BI reports with Microsoft Power BI to provide a total view of best practice visualisation tailored to all stakeholders. However, after a detailed study, additional areas of improvement were identified that required specific attention.


In response to this analysis, the Luce IT team made strategic adjustments, expanding the initiative to address not only data presentation, but also process optimisation and the implementation of Data Governance measures. This holistic approach enabled not only improved data visualisation, but also enhanced data quality and management at all levels of the organisation. This holistic approach proved to be a key factor in the overall success of the project, taking Voldis’ digital transformation to a deeper and more sustainable level.



The implementation of a robust data governance system not only standardised reporting across the organisation, but also drastically reduced the time required to obtain crucial information. Luce IT helped to organise information in a more optimal way, enabling data-driven decision making that supports its business strategies, leading to the achievement of its stated objectives.



One of the key milestones was the creation of a scalable data architecture, designed to not only solve current problems but also anticipate and adapt to future challenges. The ability to manage the increased demand for data ensures that the distributor can adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in the market, and this approach was not limited to technology alone, but incorporated a crucial element of consultancy, especially in the area of Data Governance.

The strategic collaboration between Voldis, Luce IT and Microsoft has been the driving force behind this exceptional transformation. From the implementation of a Data-Driven strategy to the creation of a scalable data architecture and the adoption of Data Governance measures, each step has contributed to elevating operational efficiency and data-driven decision making.



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