Successful APD Face-to-Face Event in Valladolid: ‘The impact of AI on the functional areas of the company’.

‘The impact of AI on the functional areas of the company’

Successful APD Face-to-Face Event in Valladolid

Last 8th July, a unique meeting on Artificial Intelligence was held at the Agency for Innovation and Economic Development, organised by the Association for Progress in Management (APD) with the support of the Valladolid City Council.

The event brought together leading experts from various fields to discuss how AI is transforming organisations.

The day was opened by Silvia Tomillo Alonso, Special Delegate Councillor for Administrative Modernisation, who highlighted the launch of ANA, the AI assistant of Valladolid City Council. In her speech, Silvia Tomillo stated: “We want to democratise this technology and bring it closer to the citizen, because behind AI are the people”. Through IdeVa, Valladolid City Council is committed to modernisation by incorporating technologies such as AI.


During the discussion, moderated by David Escudero-Mancebo from the UVaIA Centre, our CEO, Javier Durán, Carlos García Serrada from COLLOSA, and Juan Carlos Martínez Rodríguez from Aon participated. These experts debated the importance of having competitive legislation in Europe and stressed that it is essential that politicians continue to support AI. Juan Carlos Martínez Rodríguez stated: “We have the knowledge and the will to face this challenge”.


Speakers emphasised that AI technology is critical to ensure that businesses are not left behind in the marketplace. In addition, the discussion focused on how AI can drive innovation, improve efficiency and promote more effective business practices.


The day closed with a look to the future. The experts agreed that society is demanding change and that it is necessary to lose the fear of these technological advances. “Society is demanding change, we must lose our fear of these technological advances”, was one of the final reflections.


The event was not only an opportunity to update on the latest trends in AI, but also a space for networking, where attendees were able to exchange ideas and establish professional contacts in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by wine.


This meeting was a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, managers and professionals interested in understanding and exploiting the potential of Artificial Intelligence in their organisations. Undoubtedly, a day that marks a before and after in business modernisation in Valladolid.



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