LIA: Improving worker efficiency

LIA, Luce Intelligent Assistant, recently awarded in the international Google Cloud Gen AI competition in the category “Superior Business Value and ROI”, held at the end of 2023, is the basis for unifying all your AI use cases quickly. held at the end of 2023, is the foundation for unifying all your AI use cases quickly.

From improving the user experience of both customers and employees, LIA helps by providing insight into business KPIs, end-2-end processes and more.


If you need to connect to Jira, to quickly sort your tasks, watch this video to see what LIA can do, even via WhastApp.


LIA meets the challenge of speed, connection and security by connecting directly to Jira. In this way, it is able to simplify end-to-end procedures and optimise daily tasks in the work environment. In this particular use case, it can query cards, displaying the list of boards and tasks; but it also performs other actions such as creating and deleting cards automatically. LIA’s ability to integrate seamlessly with Jira not only saves time, but also reduces the cognitive load associated with project management. Employees no longer have to navigate through multiple interfaces and complicated menus, as LIA simplifies the process by providing direct access to the functions needed to perform their tasks effectively.


In addition, the integration with WhatsApp adds a new level of flexibility and accessibility to the user experience. Employees can now communicate with LIA and perform their tasks from their mobile devices, allowing them to manage their responsibilities from anywhere, at any time. This mobile capability is especially valuable in a world where mobility is increasingly important to work productivity.


LIA is distinguished by its innovative approach to business success, founded on several key pillars. Firstly, we leverage leading third-party technology such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to ensure optimal performance and reliable infrastructure, integrating this technology into our clients’ technology ecosystem, ensuring a smooth transition and effective synergy between systems.

If you need to control conversational entities end-to-end, and control processes and costs to ensure consistent, high quality results, with LIA you can do it.

On the other hand, it is essential to apply a new kind of data governance that includes artificial intelligence, to make the most of your data assets while maintaining the security and integrity of information at all times.



In short, LIA is a next-generation technological innovation that among other use cases, enhances the user experience. From instant problem resolution to direct, personalised connection, LIA redefines the way users interact with organisations. Its ability to have conversations via web chat, App, WhatsApp or other third-party tools is key for organisations looking to meet and exceed the expectations of their users to turn them into loyal customers of their brand.

With LIA, continuous improvement and innovation become central elements in creating exceptional experiences that last in the customer’s mind.



Welcome to the age of AI!


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