LuceCEM in TVE’s Zoom Net program

We recall RTVE’s Zoom Net programme and its review of future trends in the field of computing, highlighting mobility, cloud data, intelligent solutions and security….

OEE Pro: the heart of the industry 4.0

Much has been said about the concept of industry 4.0 or Smart Factory, more named as a concept or as a future trend; but it is something that we already have in hand and that has changed the concept of factory that existed until a few years ago.
Last Friday, the McKinsey consulting firm published one of its articles entitled Manufacturing’s Next Act, in which it showed the pillars of the industry 4.0 concept and its different applications.  Analyzing each one of them, they all have a very clear common base: measurement….

OEE Pro: opening market in US

  Last week an aerospace Spanish delegation went to the US to know and discover the aerospace sector in three different States:  Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. From 6th to 10th October...

Evolution in marketing models

The challenge of new marketing models, how technology increases results and reduces costs. Selling has been, is and will be the main activity of all companies in the world. Without...