Luce IT participates in the reference event for CIOs in Spain: CIO Summit Spain 2022

The event was organized by IDC & Foundry and was held in person on September 27 and 28 at the Mandarin Ritz Oriental Hotel in Madrid.

Luce IT participated in this benchmark event for technology leaders and IT managers of major organizations, where they explored the challenges of CIOs in this stage that requires effective and innovative management of disruptive solutions, uncertainty and competition.

Javier Durán, CEO, and Evelyn Weiss, Deputy CEO of Luce Innovative Technologies:


According to IDC data, by 2023, 1 in 2 organizations will generate more than 40% of its revenue from digital products and services, and CIOs will play an essential role in this process based on a technological model focused on the “cloud”.


The adoption of a digital first strategy is a business imperative for these strategic profiles.


However, establishing an appropriate change plan in each organization involves challenges to overcome, and that is where the CIO has a major role in helping to make the digital transformation of systems and applications in a simple, scalable and flexible way, optimizing costs and all this with the current situation of market uncertainty and talent shortage. 

The CIO Summit 2022 event, organized by IDC and Foundry, was held for the first time during 2 days, where CIOs from companies such as Repsol, Mapfre, Telefónica, or Ferrovial among others, shared challenges and needs of their profiles, departments, companies and all this under the current market context. The organization also opened the possibility to attend digitally and listen to the presentations and success stories online.

The CIO plays a fundamental role in the evolution of organizations towards their digital transformation. His figure will be further consolidated over the next 5 years, considering critical his leadership in enabling collaborative ecosystems, in the creation of new business models in collaboration with the business areas and in the development of new working models that rely on talent management and resilience.
So much so that, according to ID data, 56% of CIOs in Spain will be responsible for digital business in 2023. 


Interaction with the ecosystem and the development of new digital business models will be key to increase the competitiveness of organizations in the current scenario.



Another challenge for technology managers is the abundance of solutions and vendors that currently exist in the market. Choosing the right partner to accompany you and cover your needs from end to end, providing added value in a simple way on what is unknown in the business, is fundamental; if all this is accompanied by the best technological solutions on the market, success will be unimaginable.


Address considerations faced by companies with respect to privacy, quality and integration of data into real-time processes, services and decisions.


The large volume of data in organizations makes it difficult to manage information, preventing the immediacy and/or availability of information. Using near real-time data sharing and monetization solutions, both with stakeholders in the value chain and with third parties, without the need for costly developments and reusing the organization’s internal knowledge is one of the keys.

Another important aspect that was emphasized at the event was that the figure of the CIO incorporates business and strategic aspects within their functions that determine the success of organizations in a differential way, creating new business models, ensuring their transition and minimizing risks in this transformation process. According to IDC data, by 2023, 42% of employees will be hybrid workers, at least 2 days a week working remotely.


Managing the employee experience is key to increasing employee engagement with the organization, productivity and combating talent drain.


The lack of technological talent in the market is delaying the development of projects by up to 8 months. Therefore, one solution to the shortage of good profiles is to improve the employee experience to increase productivity and engagement. Organizing talent in technological Chapters, integrating the team so that knowledge and collaboration flow among all participants is one of the keys. 






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