Luce Innovative Technologies, Google Cloud Advanced Partner since 2015

Luce IT, Partner Advantage of Google Cloud, to help you innovate faster, scale your services with optimised strategies, and protect your business.

The solutions and technology offered by Google Cloud help you overcome the most complex challenges, whether your business is already in the midst of digital transformation or still in its infancy.

Transform your organisation with innovative solutions

We work with Google Cloud and Google Workspace solutions across all industries, whatever the challenges or specifics of your industry, find out how Google Cloud solutions can help you improve efficiency and agility, reduce costs, engage in new business models and seize new market opportunities.


The Luce team is duly certified in sales and service solutions, both commercially and technically.

We have technical certifications in Data and Cloud Architecture.


We work transforming within the madtech ecosystem of our clients to jointly achieve their competitive advantage.

With experience in sectors such as Retail, Travel, Finance, Logistics and Public Administrations.

Success Stories

50% of IBEX35 companies already work with Luce, digitally transforming their organisation and teaming up with us.

Our clients rate us with an average and median score of 9.

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Luce Innovative Technologies impulsa la transformación digital de tu negocio

Luce es la empresa seleccionada por nuestros clientes para acompañarles en su transformación digital en las áreas de tecnología, datos y automatización, sin perder la esencia de un equipo innovador, especializado y comprometido.

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