5 challenges of omnichannel hyper-personalisation

Improving the customer experience through personalisation has become the obsession of all large companies. More and more organisations want to automate interactions with their customers (current and potential), throughout the entire conversion funnel, to be able to decide autonomously the best time, channel and message to use with each of them, and thus maximise business.


Organisations are challenged to find that “tool” that automates customer interaction, turning automation into omnichannel hyper-personalisation across the entire customer journey.  Tackling the project in a real way and with tangible business results requires a complete integration on a platform that brings coherence to the entire journey, and not only to isolated actions or cross-selling solutions. 


However, for many organisations, it is not so easy because they do not have the internal capacity to understand, integrate or take advantage of such solutions. In addition, there are other factors external to the organisation, such as the cookie-less environment. 

From Luce’s real-world experience in use cases such as these, we outline the main issues that organisations face when it comes to customised automation:

  • Legal restrictions

The Cookie-less environment, and how to adapt digital marketing content to this new scenario, meeting all future restrictions, is an increasingly notorious concern in organizations.

The question is what to include in the headers so that the entire digital advertising system is maintained with the least changes, and also, remarketing is possible. This has been a hot topic throughout the past year, and one that has concerned from programmers to CMOs, CTOs or even CEOs. How to continue obtaining data, without violating the privacy of users, but at the same time make the marketing campaigns work?

And not only that, it is also necessary to continue complying with the regulations, without losing customer information and assigning all the knowledge that is had about him over time.

  • Taxonomy 

Companies have another problem when it comes to applying a common language, which allows them to unify understanding and communication within the company and between the different roles in the company as well as internal and external data sources.
On the one hand, there are obstacles and misunderstandings between the different departments of the company when the wrong vocabulary is applied, which does not reflect the project or is not understood by the audience. On the other hand, the widespread use of cloud solutions and tools means that organisations’ data resides in sources that are not their own, whose structure and architecture can change over time.


It is necessary to have a system in place from the outset that allows the different languages to be interpreted and unified in order to homogenise the structure of the data and increase the organisation’s capacity to carry out use cases based on the global data, avoiding information silos.  

  • Data Quality

Customers need to make data-driven decisions and be confident that when they make a decision they do so on the basis of accurate, quality information.

One of the main problems is the quality of the data, due to a huge amount of Big Data tools, data analysis, ecommerce tools…, but the key is to know how to analyse and interpret that data and structure the necessary mechanisms to adjust it to your organisation and your product, and to guarantee that the automatic systems are working correctly.

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

As data, touchpoints and channel versatility increase, channel management becomes more complex and advanced techniques are required to manage and find optimisation autonomously, and therefore the cost per acquisition increases.  

  • Scalability

Organisations are pursuing a 1:1 personalisation model with the customer, given the need to adapt the content, the product and the channel for each consumer at the right time. 

If to the range of personalisation options that currently exist in digital channels (Web, App), own channels (email, sms, wapp, push actions), offline channels (shop, office, contact centre, ) and paid channels (SEM, display, social), we add campaigns, content and audiences, the combination is such that the team cannot adapt its ability to react without losing quality, or manage the continuous growth of work in a fluid way.

If we want more campaigns, we need more equipment, more investment.

This combination of channels, together with the multitude of data available to us, makes effective manual management impossible, making it complicated for the same customer to belong to several segments, increasing costs and increasing the possibility of generating confusion or anger in the recipient of the message. The need to scale the personalisation work in the face of the abundance of channels, campaigns, content and audiences makes it necessary to automate the model in order to maximise benefits and reduce the client’s CPA, with a system that is efficient in terms of investment.


Solving these problems in every organisation is Luce’s priority. 


Personalising the customer journey of each target customer is Luce’s priority. We don’t just treat isolated touchpoints in very specific cases, but we consider multi-channel to create a 360° customer experience, and not just applied independently for each channel.  Luce addresses each piece of the customer journey in the phases of customer acquisition, modelling, multichannel activation, audience automation and creative to eliminate manualities, and management and improvement of traceability.

Execute artificial intelligence models that are activated in real time, based on the tastes and interests of customers in order to adapt the content and offer, using optimal technologies to reduce latency times on web and mobile, and automate their content to improve the Quality Score, and automate and personalise the customer browsing experience, activating an Ecosystem where use cases are easily enabled. An affordable system of data ingestion and execution of Big Data models, but consolidating that all this data is manageable, storable and executable in real time and with the lowest possible CPA.  


With this hyper-personalisation system, we help build on our clients’ martech ecosystem: their competitive advantage.


Currently, there are many solutions with partial visions of the problem, among them Salesforce, Adobe, Google Marketing, etc. These solutions are valuable as part of the martech ecosystem, but you need to build on them with a software or solution that allows you to differentiate yourself.

  >>See Harvard Business Review article: In the Digital Economy, Your Software Is Your Competitive Advantage.

Luce’s Cookieless-ready solution is built on the customer’s ecosystem and in collaboration with them, adapting it to give them a competitive advantage in itself, or enhance the ones they already have. It allows for rapid deployment, backed by many business cases and references that ensure the speed and success of the project.

Some of the results are the optimisation of marketing investment by 30% and the automation of personalisation processes, with the consequent saving of man-hours in campaign management.

If you would like more information on how to solve these personalisation and data quality problems and maximise your profit,, contact with us



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