Drive value, optimize your IT ecosystem

Do you want to create a data strategy that facilitates the transition to a smarter enterprise?

Rapidly accelerating technological advances and increasing data literacy are changing the meaning of being “data driven”. Smart organizations that apply the right methodology and where human-machine interaction flows will make data-driven decision making easier and more accurate.

Change is constant. To stay ahead of it, you need data that provides smarter, faster insights. With an end-to-end platform that works across the data lifecycle and across the organization, you can break down silos, increase agility, innovate faster and securely support business transformation.

Organisations around the world are trying to adapt to the new and challenging business landscape, and we want to help you lower costs and improve your operational efficiency.

Especially in these times, lowering IT costs is a top priority for many businesses. IT decision makers expect budgets to shrink over the next 12 months due to the current economic conditions. Despite this, many of our customers have told us that IT investments and cost optimisation remain their top priority.

Is your company also experiencing this situation?

Thanks to this transformation, with data at the centre of the strategy and cloud technology as an enabling lever, many of our customers have been able to increase their operational efficiency and optimise their IT spending. They are also convinced that having the ability to scale resources up or down quickly depending on the economy is more important than ever.

Find out how you can optimise your IT costs with this free assessment prepared in conjunction with our partner Google Cloud, which will allow you to estimate the savings that a migration would bring in your specific case. The aim of the plan is to reduce infrastructure, application and labour costs while creating value.


Do you want to optimize your IT costs?
Take this free assessment prepared in collaboration with our partner Google Cloud

Spend three minutes answering questions about your current setup and you’ll instantly see your company’s readiness for data-driven transformation. Then, we can follow up with customized recommendations to help you drive smarter analytics, insights and decisions.



Passion for technological challenges

“We believe that technology and data could change the world”

The history of Luce is a story of challenges and nonconformity, always solving value challenges using technology and data to accelerate digital transformation in society through our clients.

We have a unique way of doing consulting and projects within a collegial environment creating “Flow” between learning, innovation and proactive project execution.

In Luce we will be the best offering multidisciplinary technological knowledge, through our chapters, generating value in each iteration with our clients, delivering quality and offering capacity and scalability so they can grow with us.



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