Improve conversion rate and generate more value for your customers

In an increasingly competitive world, it is essential for any organization to be constantly looking for ways to improve its processes and increase its profitability. Therefore, conversion rate optimization has become a key tool to achieve these goals.


That is why e-commerce and digital marketing managers in large organizations are constantly facing challenges such as:

  • Visual understanding of user navigation: both success paths and leakage points.
  • Campaigns attract many leads, but very few convert, and therefore, no return on marketing investment.
  • I don’t understand (or my team doesn’t understand) why the site doesn’t generate enough engagement with the customer.
  • I am not able to measure customer engagement.
  • I am not able to learn about anomalies that affect conversion with fast enough response times to be able to adapt my strategy to counteract it.


Generating value for our customers is one of the fundamental objectives of our company. In this sense, conversion rate optimization has become an essential tool to achieve this goal, as it allows us to improve the customer experience and, consequently, increase the profitability of the business.


At Luce IT, we believe that customer understanding is the key element for the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction”. That is why we strive to discover the “why” behind every user action, in order to offer customized solutions that really generate value.


We have a CRO-Agile methodology that allows us to generate insights efficiently and generate a global perspective that ensures a real impact on our clients’ KPIs.


The standardization of the CRO process is another key aspect to achieve a constant delivery of value aligned with the client’s business objectives. Therefore, we use Agile practices to standardize the CRO process and guarantee a continuous delivery of high impact solutions.


We use impact calculation to prioritize our actions, which allows us to be more efficient and reduce the time-to-market of the most impactful actions.


Another fundamental aspect of our CRO methodology is improved coordination with IT. We work with a common language of data and evidence to ensure better coordination and complementarity between IT and CRO teams.
In addition, we prioritize cases based on business and customer impact, and use alerts to stay on top of improvement opportunities at all times.

At Luce IT, we believe that the key to a successful CRO strategy is a change of mindset. We focus on generating a culture of continuous improvement, in which every team member is motivated and committed to generating value for the customer.


Our holistic view of CRO, combined with our values and our focus on continuous learning, enables us to deliver solutions that truly create value for our clients.


Luce IT, always adding value

“We believe that technology and data could change the world”

The history of Luce is a story of challenges and nonconformity, always solving value challenges using technology and data to accelerate digital transformation in society through our clients.

We have a unique way of doing consulting and projects within a collegial environment creating “Flow” between learning, innovation and proactive project execution.

In Luce we will be the best offering multidisciplinary technological knowledge, through our chapters, generating value in each iteration with our clients, delivering quality and offering capacity and scalability so they can grow with us.



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